Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Welcome to JujuQ

JujuQ is a long-time publisher of interactive "how-to" classrooms and coaching programs. We combine written content, video tutorials, tools, live coaching and student-to-student connections to create a unique learning experience.

What's With the Name?

Founded in 2005, the company was originally named Affiliate Classroom, Inc. In 2009, the company broaden its teachings to extend past the affiliate marketing space and renamed itself to Lurn, Inc. In 2010, the Lurn brand was transfered to the technology arm of the company, leaving the publishing arm which is now named JuJuQ.

The name "JuJuQ" came from our love of the word "juju". We like the core concepts of juju, karma, paying it forward and the like:

Put good out = get good back

We added the "Q" on the end to represent the teaching and learning part of our business... kind of like "IQ", but for the "better"!


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